Sunday, August 12, 2012

Turkish Culture Camp

Snake Castle
In case you were wondering how Turkish Culture Camp went - here is an abbreviated report. One of their first outings was to Yilankale - or Castle of the Snakes. It was built in the 11th or 12th century, was used by the Crusaders and gets it name from a legend that says it belonged to the king of the snakes. No, my children did not come home spouting facts and historical background. I had to look it up. But they did have a good time climbing on and around the castle.

As is typical of historical sites here there are no guardrails, no paved paths, no facilities. The kids said there was a lot of sheer climbing up and down and some scary jumps. And it was very very hot.  Brannick got heat stroke/exhaustion and spent the ride back trying not to toss his cookies. But he did say that he'd like to go back with the family, once the cooler weather comes.

This is the mosque in Adana. (In case you forgot Adana is the city about 7 miles from the base and village of Incirlik.) It is the largest mosque in Turkey and it's beautiful. Its called Sabanci Merkez Camii - which means Sabanci Central Mosque. It was built in 1998 so it's relatively new. The kids got to tour this on their second day. They had to wear jeans and not shorts and Delaney had to cover her head with a scarf when they went in.

This is one picture of the interior. It is truly beautiful and I can't wait to go see it. The kids were very impressed but said it needs air conditioning.

This is the Tarsus Waterfall.  The kids saw this on the way to Kizkalesi. I wish they had been able to go see Paul's well and the church of St. Paul there but we will go again.

Here is a picture of the horse back riding day. The kids had been pretty excited about this day but came back saying it was totally lame. I think they were expected a trail ride through the Turkish countryside and what they got was a 5 minute turn to walk around in a circle on a pony. Oh well. You can't have everything.

All in all they had a great week. And I think getting up and having something to do all day helped them with their sleep schedules as well. Next week is Wet and Wild Camp. Delaney, Carson and Evan are going to that. Rory will be going to Vacation Bible School for 3 hours every morning and hopefully Brannick will start his job.

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