Monday, September 10, 2012

Birthday boys

We've finally finished our birthday season. From the first week of August to the first week of September we have four of our five child birthdays and one anniversary (which got completely overlooked this year.) Brannick's is next after Delaney. His birthday was rather low-key, kind of like him. We had his favorite Cafe Rio pulled pork salads and a super moist chocolate cake with cookie dough ice cream. Because he is waiting anxiously for the new kindle fire to come out, presents were small and few.
But we did spend the evening together as a family and even had Geoff there to cut up a bit during picture taking. Brannick started his job at Pizza Hut right after his birthday and has been a working man ever since. Luckily they are good about letting him have Sundays off but I think he even got some over-time last week he worked so many hours!
He is pretty excited that his work uniform came in his favorite color. He's one handsome dude and I'm so proud of him. Now that he is getting closer to leaving home I realize more and more how much I will miss him.  He makes me laugh everyday. Granted, it's sometimes when I really need him to be serious and do his schoolwork or other task but I love his sense of humor and his happy outlook.

Last of the birthday bunch is Evan, who turns double digits this year! His mean mom did make him do some school work on his birthday but I also took him out to the Thursday market and the Turkish commissary - neither of which he had seen yet. I am getting to spend much more time with Evan than I have the last few years as he decided to be homeschooled this year. He is a smart and willing learner and I enjoy spending the days with him. Although he feels like he is not growing nearly fast enough I think he is well on his way to becoming a wonderful young man.

Carson had come up with a great idea for Evan's birthday and since I am pretty birthday-ed out by the time his rolls around I was happy to go along with it. Carson and Delaney created a scavenger hunt to lead Evan to six different places around the base to find his presents. Then we rented this Fred-Flintstone mobile tandem bike from the Outdoor Rec Center for our scavenger hunt.

Since Brannick was working that night, the first clue lead us to the BX, where Brannick gave Evan his first present.  We had a great time and actually got a pretty decent workout pedaling around the base. We even ran into Geoff's boss all dressed up for a formal function. That sighting became the talk of the clinic the next day. Since we rented the bike for 24 hours, Carson and Evan spent the next afternoon riding around the neighborhood giving rides to all Rory's friends.  Brannick even got to go for a spin before he had to head off to work. He can't wait until his tricycle comes with the rest of our stuff. (not kidding)

After we had collected all the presents we headed back home to enjoy Ayten's dinner, which we shared with Geoffrey's co-worker, Dr. Jones. By Evan's birthday no one wants cake anymore so we celebrated with some brownies and called it good. A game of Uno-spin capped off the evening and that ends birthday season! Mine is next but not until next month.  I wonder what we could rent for that?

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