Friday, March 22, 2013

Frilly Skirt Fun!

After my marathon sewing session last week finishing Delaney's quilt,  I lost my sewing mojo. Which is weird because I never do that.  I leave my sewing machine out and set up in the same room that I homeschool in and I sew at least a little every day.  But not this week.

Until yesterday when I realized that my youngest son's birthday party invitation might be an opportunity. Because the party was for a 7 year old girl. And with my only daughter being already well into her teens there has been a serious shortage of little girls in this house for a good long time.  So I decided to make a frilly skirt. As luck would have it, the girl in question came over to play that day so I grabbed a tape measure and threw it around her waist. And then I measured my son's waist too so she wouldn't get suspicious.

I had the perfect fabric purchased right here in Adana's own fabric district.
 This is just one piece of fabric, with three different shades of polka dots and the flowers. And from the left side of the picture to the right is only half the width of the fabric.  A lot of the fabrics here in Turkey are double wide - about 96 inches in width. I think I paid 7 or 8 lira per meter for this which translates to about $4 per meter.

So to make the skirt I simply cut apart the smaller of the two flower sections and two of the polka dot sections. I used the entire two meter lengths of the darker blue and the flowers but cut the light blue into a 33 in piece.
 I used my serger to ruffle the to bottom sections together. This was a new skill for me and it took me a couple of tries to get it right. But when it worked it was so fun!

After sewing the ruffled bottom layers onto the top section I used some elastic thread to add four lines of smocking in lieu of a waistband. Small rolled hems on the top of the skirt and the bottom of each of the frilly layers and it was done!! All in one night and it was so fun to do!
Sorry for the horrible pictures but you get the idea.
 I'm so excited for Rory to take it to the party tomorrow and I hope that his friend likes it as much as I liked making it!


  1. So cute and so refreshingly non-pink! Fingers crossed she'll love it. I do.

  2. Absolutely adorable! My girl is also a teenager & doesn't want me making anything for her so I am often passing on things to girlfriends who still have little girls in the house. Well done!

  3. I think I might make one for my niece. So cute!

  4. Super cute and I love the fabric! Adalee would love to have a twirly skirt like that!