Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sushi Chef (Say that five times fast!)

I love me some sushi. My whole family does.  This sounds rather sophisticated until I add that our favorite place to get sushi was our local San Antonio HEB. (That's a grocery store for you non-Texans).  Our HEB happened to be pretty high class and had its own sushi bar where they made fresh sushi everyday. It was good! San Antonio Rolls, Firecracker Rolls, Dragon Rolls - yum!

Here in Turkey sushi is significantly more trouble to come by than just popping it into the cart with the eggs and milk. So when I heard there was a sushi making class offered this month I jumped at the chance.  Originally I signed up Brannick to go with me, as sort of a celebration of his last day of work. But Brannick hasn't been feeling well so Carson enthusiastically offered to take his place. 

And so in support of Asian Pacific Heritage Month we showed up at the Airman Family Readiness Center ready to make some Sushi!
 Rolling it in the bamboo mat is the tricky part. But with a little instruction Carson got it down.

 Ta-daa!! Turns out Carson rocks at this. Look how perfect those slices are!
 Then it was my turn. I took it to the next level and wrapped it with the rice on the outside. Cuz I'm that cool.
 As evidenced by my completely cheesy grin.
We left the event full of good sushi and a sense of accomplishment. And at Carson's insistence we stopped by the BX and commissary to purchase a rice cooker and all the ingredients to make sushi for the whole crew.  So tonight is Sushi Night at the Ewings!! Come on over!

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