Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kizkalesi Castle in the sea - a Turkish fairy tale

   Once upon a time a king lived in a beautiful castle by the sea. (See above). Eventually, he was blessed with a lovely little daughter. But a prophecy told of a tragic future for the princess. Someday she would be bitten by a serpent and die.  Even the king himself could not change this fate said the soothsayer.
     But the loving father was determined to try and so he built another castle out in the ocean (see above) and sent his daughter to live in it. The two castles were close enough that the father could visit his daughter and bring provisions to satisfy her every need and whim.  All went well for many years. But one day, the princess received a basket of delicious looking grapes from the mainland.  As she reached in to pluck a grape she was bitten by the snake hiding inside. And because this isn't a Disneyfied version she died, leaving behind a heartbroken father and two magnificent castles.
    If you didn't like the snake bitten maiden story there is another one involving pirates.  And a third, and possibly more accurate one about the castle being built after the First Crusade.  Whatever version you choose, it's a great place to visit. These castles are about 2 hours from where we live. We've been there twice before but never had the chance to get out to the maiden's castle.
  But recently when a new friend came to visit, a group of us went back again for a day at the beach. A Turkish beach is an interesting place to people watch. You see everything from bikinis to full Islamic swimsuits. The beach itself was shallow and calm, a perfect place for the little kids to splash and the older kids to play frisbee. And while we were there, we rented a couple of paddle boats and paddled out to the maiden's castle.
 Due to illness and other commitments, I only had my oldest and youngest with me. But we had brought along some darling young ladies. So my 17 yr old son found himself sharing a paddle boat with three cuties! He did not complain.
 In fact, here he is doing a happy dance on top of the castle wall.
                                                               The boy has moves!
   And here he is with his harem. They were all a lot of fun and had a great time.  I managed to suggest that we put all the little kids in one car and all the big kids in  my the other car.  So if you know my son at all, you can imagine that he had us laughing all the way back to the base.
     We had a wonderful day in a wonderful place with good company. I love the ocean and I'm up for a day at the beach any day.  But I have to admit that when its the Mediterranean ocean and there is an ancient sea castle to explore, that does up the coolness factor by several notches. So I was doing the happy dance too.

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